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You must complete and pass your theory test before you can take your practical test, you can of course start taking your practical lessons before passing your theory, to help you understand the theory itself and put the knowledge in to practice.

The driving theory test has two parts, part one is a multiple choice test of 50 questions and part two is a hazard perception test of 14 video clips in which you will have to identify 15 developing hazards.

In the multiple choice you need to score 43 or more to pass the actual test within a 57 minute time period. In the hazard perception test you will need to score 44 or more out of 75 to pass this part of the theory test.

Although you will need to pass both parts of the test at the same time to pass your theory test, just one part is NOT enough.

What is Hazard Perception?

Hazard perception is the ability of a driver to identify situations at the earliest possible opportunity that might require them as a driver to take some form of avoiding action such as changing speed or direction.


This involves techniques such as scanning, selecting a safe separation distance, using an appropriate speed, planning well ahead, and having good anticipation.

All these techniques take practice and guidance which at ASPEN we supply with the proper in-car training. Using these skills properly on the road will give you the confidence to drive safely, and be aware of the various hazards on such busy roads.

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